US Tax Forms

In order to prove a point that design can help to innovate, promote ease of use, and add value to business and society, FormNation set out to redesign the United States tax forms. These are notoriously confusing and cluttered, and at the level of design downright chaotic. As a long-time collaborator, we were asked to come up with a new graphic interpretation. Taking some pride in the clarity and functionality of the tax forms in the Netherlands — the Dutch revenue service’s tagline translates as “We can’t make it any more fun, but we can make it easier” — the first step to improve the U.S. forms was to remove a lot of clutter and give the information some room to breathe. Then a clear typographic structure was established, along with a gray background with white fields where information needs to be filled out. Color-coding makes it easier to distinguish bewteen different forms. Hopefully, one day, the IRS will do their taxpayers a favor and utilize a better design for their forms.

Designed for FormNation.
Photography by Joost van Brug.

Tax Forms Tax Forms Tax Forms

Tax Forms

The full 1040 form, front and back

Tax Forms

1040 Form, existing and proposal

Tax Forms

W-9 Form, existing and proposal