E-ink Smartphone Interface

Rather than just being used to make calls, smart phones have become multimedia tools that are used to remain constantly connected to the world. As convenient as they are, they tend to be expensive, have low battery life, get hot after prolonged use, and consume the user’s time with pointless games and other distractions.
With this in mind, FormNation set out to design an E-ink device that will last a month on one battery charge, is affordable, and still allows people to do everything they need to do on a daily basis. A beautiful feature is the black & white photo and stop-motion camera — reviving the qualities of analog photography without having to use a filter app.
We were asked to design the interface for the phone: back to the basic functions, with a minimalist aesthetic remeniscing the Dieter Rams era. Most features were designed in a plain typographical manner, letting the predominantly white screen be timid and easy on the eyes.

Renderings by FormNation.
Photography by Lisa Klappe.

E-ink Phone E-ink Phone E-ink Phone E-ink Phone E-ink Phone E-ink Phone E-ink Phone E-ink Phone